Cairns Organisation United for Cancer Health


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COUCH is a local charity, supporting local people and providing real outcomes. Founded by the wonderful, community-minded Woodward family, this great organisation strives to make a difference in the lives of those affected with cancer.

COUCH is dedicated to providing integrated cancer care to enhance the quality of life for their clients, their families and friends. This includes directly providing co-ordinated care and support services, navigating the local health and social landscape and being a collaborative partner in community cancer care initiatives.

Located at 100 Reservior Road Manoora, the caring team at the COUCH Wellness Centre offer a listening ear and a helping hand providing health, well-being and lifestyle support for Far North Queenslander’s diagnosed and living with cancer. They work alongside your General Practitioner (GP) or medical treating team and the personalised service is designed to assist at diagnosis, treatment, survivorship or during palliative care.

Do you require support or need to learn more to assist a loved one - or maybe you have time or funds to donate to assist this great initiative?

To find out more, head to call 07 4032 0820, email, and like & follow on Facebook @

The entire business community are proud to support this fantastic organisation and we look forward to connecting Michael & the team with our members throughout 2021 and raising funds through the raffles at our upcoming events!

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