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Event Date: 25/5/2022
Trading Mate PTY LTD
The TM member-only workshops are a great way to access information on all things related to managing & growing our businesses.

Small group settings make it more comfortable to ask questions, start...

Smartphone Video Workshop Cairns

Event Date: 4/6/2022
eMotion Video Training & Production — Kirsty Nancarrow
Video is the best way to connect with your audience but many of us don't try to make our own, thinking it's too hard. We're here to show that YOU CAN DO IT! In our practical full-day workshop delivere...

Tropical Destinations Photography Exhibition

Event Date: 20/6/2022
Tracey Jones Photography — Tracey Jones
TROPICAL DESTINATIONS is an exciting photographic exhibition showcasing local and regional scenes and subjects. This visually captivating annual exhibition is presented by the Douglas Photographic Soc...