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  1. Q. What’s the real cost?
    1. It’s just $49.50 for 12 months membership in your base region (an entire region much the same size as your local phone directory). You upload your business profile information and 2-3 images/logos. Additional business info and optional trading items can be completed if you wish to take advantage of the true value of a Trading Mate membership and you can even include your business social media links.

    *For more information about pricing and inclusions click on the Pricing Schedule located on the information bar on the home page of our website.

  2. Q. What if I have more than one business or want to advertise in more than one category?
    1. Firstly we give you the option of a free unprioritised listing in a 2nd category. If you operate different businesses or would like to prioritise your business in further categories, you can upload each membership separately for that same low annual price of $49.50.
  3. Q. Is a Trading Mate membership just for “tradies”?
    1. Not at all, Trading Mate is a national advertising platform for ALL businesses, but particularly suited to those with 0-14 employees. If you’ve got an ABN and have goods to sell or services to provide, we want YOU!
  4. Q. What about my financial details upon payment?
    1. Trading Mate operates all payment processing via eWAY through NAB, which means we cannot operate without all the correct security (SSL), nor can we store ANY of your financial information in or on our website. See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for further information.
  5. Q. What’s this I hear about a TM website service?
    1. That’s the best bit! If you haven’t uploaded a website link, we will transpose your uploaded information into your very own three page website. The cost to activate this is just $198 and includes 2 years domain registration AND 2 years website hosting. The automatic domain name will be listed as your business name including your postcode eg., but you can easily do a search for a different name for the same price. (A post-coded domain name can be a positive for small business as it immediately identifies that business in their own particular region). You can accept, or decline and we save the information for you in case you would like to take this offer up at a later date.
  6. Q. What’s to lose, where do I sign up?
    1. Click here to join now

You work hard in your small businesses, now’s the time to work on your business, sign up today!
Trading Mate Logo

Trading Mate is all about getting the best internet advertising exposure for small business at the least possible cost.

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