If you love celebrating life in Tropical North Queensland, and are all about getting great info on the characters, history and secret corners that make this neck of the woods so unique, then Oasis Magazine is the information haven for you!

Jules and the vibrant team are right there on the pulse when it comes to all things fashion & glam, but they also keep an eye on upcoming and successful contributors to business, politics, the environment and the local economy too - if you haven't got a copy of this awesome bi-monthly publication for your coffee table or reception room - then get onto the girls today!!

Head to https://www.oasismagazine.com.au/get-in-touch/ or into The Pier and pop your head into the office and say g'day, give the the boss lady a buzz on 0423 959 648 and of course you can follow them by heading over to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OasisMagTNQ/

Our www.tradingmate.com.au crew of businesses are thrilled to have this iconic business to count amongst our "mates" and we look forward to your terrific marketing ideas & presentation on the 3oth Jules :)