Table Host - Cindy Perry

DESBT - Department of Employment, Small Business & Training

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If you haven't heard of the infamous Cindy Perry - then it's time to come out from under your rock!

Cindy sends us all the updates on available funding and programs for small businesses - particlarly to support us through growth phases and scaling into new markets. And this month we are lucky to have both Cindy & Desley to sit down with us at the June 29 Trading Mate networking & info event and ask us the questions about what need for our small businesses!

How good is that?! Grab a ticket TODAY to join us before we sell out: and access information on how all 3 levels of Government WANT to invest their time, energy & even funding into YOUR small business!

This is a TM Member-only event to ensure maximum value for each of our attendees to connect with our presenters, if you're not listed with as yet - don't worry - your Guest Ticket purchase includes 12 months membership with Australia's Best Value NATIONAL Online Business Directory - promoting, supporting & prioritising Aussie small businesses :)