Who doesn't love a PARTY!!

Cheeky Monkeys Party Hire

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Parties are even better when you don't have to set them up and pack them away - just saunter on in - give the kids some funky new gear to play on - and then saunter on out, everyone's happy . . . and YES it really is possible!

Dani has a huge range of kids toys and themes to satisfy every child from the tearaway toddlers to the prettiest of princesses and absolutely everything in between. Kids LOVE new things, and we all know the absolute joy as parents and carers at bearing witness to those moments of surprise and discovery, when they walk on in and find their very own party just made for them and their bestest of friends!

Cheeky Monkeys Party Hire live and breathe for exactly those moments - give the delightful Dani a call to find out just what she can arrange for your next childrens' party: 0427 117 091, jump on to Facebook to follow all the latest ideas and updates: https://www.facebook.com/cheekymonkeyscairns/ and checkout all the themes online @ https://www.cheekymonkeyspartyhire.com/

We love having this fab business in the www.tradingmate.com.au community, and look forward to continuing to connect your services and catching up with you again very soon :)

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