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Our Trading Mate business members work together, whether they are in the same, competing or different industries. We are all about supporting, collaborating and leveraging off one another as we all have a point of difference, location or MO.

Do these values resonate with you?

If so, and you’ve been thinking about operating your own business, now may just be the perfect time to find out more about joining the Trading Mate business team!

We hope you aren’t looking for multi-level marketing – because Trading Mate is NOT in any way an MLM organisation – we have a Head Office based in Cairns FNQ, Australia, a support rep or 2 in each state and then there’s YOU who runs your region – exclusively.

If you’ve got access to an internet connection and a smart phone, you have the tools. If you’ve got a positive attitude, strongly believe in supporting (every kind) of small local business to connect & thrive – we want YOU!

And particularly, if you have a couple of hours spare in each day, you love to talk, meet people for a coffee / tea, or perhaps a wine / beer, and in turn actually listen to what’s going on in their world – then this could be the new business opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

We have 87 exclusive franchises that cover every postcode in Australia – our annual fees start from just over $1k – with a median price of just under $10k. These costs are individually calculated and based on the number of small businesses registered** in each region.

**Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

Your responsibilities . . .

1. Your “work” will be to engage local small business owners to join and utilise all the benefits of registering as a Trading Mate.

Easy – it’s only $49.50 a year (less than $1 per week!!) to get their business info “out there” – the ROI for just one referral / sale = 100%

2. And to power up your commission income, you’ll be ready to assist these hard-working and super busy Trading Mate registered business operators, to checkout their ready-made websites!

No experts required here – click a button to change the colour scheme and you’re pretty much done!

3. And your final responsibility (potentially the most fun aspect of your new “job”) will be to host a monthly Trading Mate networking event in your region!

  • You’ll invite all your new members (FOC) to join you for a drink and some light refreshments and to network their businesses. You charge a small fee to your members who have already availed themselves of the previously mentioned free attendance, to cover the costs of catering and venue hire. And because Trading Mate events have a reputation for being the best value way of promoting and connecting a small businesses, you’ll find you’ve just created a warm, welcoming, supportive & inclusive networking community!
  • You offer your members opportunities to Guest MC, meet & greet, and present their business information – depending on the theme of the event. You also offer everyone who attends the opportunity to contribute a gift voucher or product to the raffle ticket sales, and all the money raised at each event, goes to a local non-profit organisation.
  • every aspect of your event is supported – from ticketing to themes, paperwork to promotions – we even pay 100% of costs for your 1st meetings!

We encourage you to take on the role of a commission sales contractor for a minimum of 3 months prior to purchasing your exclusive Franchise region.

Then, when you’re ready to go “all the way” here’s some potential numbers for you . . .

In an average region (like Cairns FNQ) if the new Franchisee procured membership of just 1950 businesses (10% of the 19500 small businesses registered** in the region) in the first year he/she would receipt over $68,000 annually for standard membership income, not including the income from any ADD ON sales such as profits from networking functions “I’m too busy” clients, additional regions or TM Website sales, all for the annual outlay of just over $9 700.

** According to ABS Statistics

Increase this figure to just 50% of all the small businesses in Cairns, the annual income received by the franchisee would be in excess of $343,000 all for the same $9 700 annual outlay!

***NB: there are currently over 1.2 million business listings already in our directory, ready for you to connect with***

Trading Mate is all about getting the best internet advertising exposure for small businesses at the least possible cost. We prioritise advertising for businesses with 0-14 employees, which means the small business listings will ALWAYS be seen before the bigger organisations, and we offer so many options for easy & economical online advertising, that it would be detrimental for any small business not to take up this incredibly economical opportunity to

Let’s face it, from just $49.50 per year for 12 months online advertising, it’ll sell itself! Trading Mate is all about getting the best internet advertising exposure and connections at face-to-face networking functions for small business at the least possible cost.

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