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Q. What’s the real cost?

It really is just $49.50* for 12 months membership in your base region (an entire region much the same size as that covered by your local phone directory). You upload your business profile information, links to your website & business social media info and 12 images / logos. This fee also includes a free ticket to attend your first “in-person” Trading Mate networking event, to collect your Welcome Pack, have a drink on us and some light refreshments and connect your business with our members and their guests. You also gain profile access to enable uploading of your events, blog & offers etc so we can share them with our members and the searching public too!

*Base region membership

For more information about pricing and inclusions click on the Pricing Schedule

Q. Is a Trading Mate business membership just for “tradies”?

Not at all! Trading Mate is a national advertising platform for ALL businesses, but particularly suited to those with 0-14 employees. If you’ve got an ABN or are just starting a hobby business and have goods to sell or services to provide, we want YOU!

Q. What if my business is active in more than one region?

Easy – you can just add the regions you want to advertise in additionally for just $22 each!

Q. What if I am just “too busy” to do this or having techy trouble?

We deal with very busy and tech challenged people every day – so we can now assist you in this process, just click here & answer a few simple questions and we will locate your business information via your website or social media – or contact you to provide us with the information to “get it done” for you. This service, including your 12 month membership listing* is just $99 and your ongoing memberships for consequent years will revert back to just $49.50 annually.

See our Terms of Use for more information

*Base region membership

Q. Can I make up my own or create a new Trading Category?

If you don’t fit into any of the categories that drop down when you type in key words that generally represent your business – please let us know and we can add these into our search and update our listed Trading Categories in a matter of moments – because we understand our clients are extremely entrepreneurial, inventive and particularly pivotal in light of the challenges seen in recent times and we want to ensure we are always updating and upgrading our information to keep up with every new trend!

Q. What if I have more than one business or want to advertise in more than one category?

Firstly we give you the option of a free un-prioritised listing in a 2nd trading category. If you operate different businesses or would like to prioritise your business in further categories, you can upload each business membership separately (using different email addresses) for that same low annual price of $49.50*. But do contact us if that’s the case, we’d love to offer you a discount voucher code for a Year 1 discount when you add second and subsequent businesses onto the Trading Mate business directory.

*Base region membership

Q. Trading Mate is advertised as being “National” – is this correct?

We sure are! TradingMate.com.au is Australia’s Best Value NATIONAL Small Business Directory, so businesses all over the country can upload their information and start connecting!

AND . . . right now we are searching for some genuinely amazing people who would love nothing more than to promote and support small businesses by HOSTING the monthly TM events in every region of Australia – and we have 87 regions to cover, inclusive of every single postcode in the country . . . are YOU that person in YOUR area? Get in touch by emailing support@tradingmate.com.au and tell us why you’re the perfect fit for running your own Trading Mate business, warmly welcoming our new Trading Mate business members, earning residual income and building fabulous business relationships!

Q. I see these great spruiks about your new & renewing members.

How do I get my business promoted like that?

Easy – just sign up and we’ll write a promotion just for you and promote your business in our TradingMate.com.au Facebook page, on the FRONT PAGE of the Trading Mate directory website AND in our Toolbox Talk (Blog) section of the website! And we’ll do it again every year when you renew. You can join our other groups as well and promote your business, specials, tips and offers to our members as well as the public . . . psssttt we also have a way to help get you great engagement and reach on your business Facebook page, without paying for boosting!

Oh and you can also add YOUR own Blogs too – just login and add the info into your profile so anyone searching your business information gets to learn more about your latest shares!

Q. What’s this I hear about a TM website service?

That’s the best bit! If you don’t have your own website, we have one for you, all ready to go with your uploaded information including the display of your Facebook and Map where applicable. The cost to our Trading Mate members to activate this is just $396 and includes 2 years domain registration + 2 years website hosting + SSL certificate. NOTHING more to pay – no ongoing monthly fees for ANYTHING throughout the 2 years. The suggested domain name will be listed as your business name eg. www.mybusiness.com.au, but if that has been taken, you can easily do a search for a different .com.au name. You can go ahead at any time and usually your business website will go live the same or next business day!

To join us for the first 12 months and get a good idea of what YOUR very own website will look like just click here and start your business profile – just remember, once you’ve finished at the checkout, you can log back in AT ANY TIME to adjust your information, pics and background colour – plus add “call to action” buttons. And the very best part is that every change you make goes LIVE immediately – no costly or time consuming liaising with website designers and w a i t i n g for your requests to be addressed – it’s all super easy DIY!

Just ask Karen – we think her website looks terrific! And every time we add more techy stuff she gets a free auto upgrade too! www.dropsofvitalitywithkaren.com.au

E support@tradingmate.com.au or P 1300 TMATES and we’ll get you sorted and live by tomorrow at the latest! Really!!

NB: we may also be able to transfer your current domain registration for the same pricing – please allow up to 10 business days for the transfer to be completed** Additional costs may be incurred if you have an email attached to the domain, contact us to find out more

Q. What about these events I‘ve seen advertised?

In our founding region of Cairns & Surrounds, we offer monthly networking functions for our members so they can meet one another and connect their businesses. Your first attendance is FREE and that’s when we’ll give your our awesome Trading Mate Welcome Pack and grab a stack of your business cards / flyers / offers to hand on for you so we can promote your business in outgoing Welcome Packs. Ongoing pricing for event attendance can be found on the Pricing Schedule – it’s all very economical, and with every full price ticket purchased, you get to bring a new guest FOC to connect with our crew! This means we are always connecting our businesses with new people as well as building great relationships with our Trading Mate team members.

And NO – you are never obligated to come to the events – most people do come when they possibly can because we share loads of quality business assistance info & connections and they actually have a lot of fun with us too. Our business community has a reputation for being the warmest, most inclusive & supportive group of people where EVERYONE is made to feel welcome 🙂

Oh and did we mention YOU are invited to Guest MC, become a presenter, registration guru or raffle ticket seller (available once per year to registered non-profit Trading Mates) at one of our events? Because we know YOU have loads to share with our crew, so let us know when you’re ready to take on that microphone and step up (the stage is optional) & tell us more about what YOU offer!

Q. What about my financial details upon payment?

Trading Mate operates all payment processing via eWAY through NAB, which means we cannot operate without all the correct security (SSL), nor can we store ANY of your financial information in or on our website. So it’s just not possible for anything to ever be compromised – EVER.

See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for further information.

Q. How do I receive TM “quote requests”?

Once your business is listed with us you will be ready to receive any queries that come through with information that matches the goods / services in your profile bullet points. This communication is 100% confidential between the 2 parties – Trading Mate simply facilitate the connection – no commissions, kickbacks or fees are incurred – we really are here to help you grow your business!  

Q. Is there anything else I should know? 

There is absolutely loads more we do – once you are listed you can add your business to our Facebook Groups – Cairns Trading Mates, Trading Mate National Small Business Support Group and into TM Commenters group to get more reach and engagement on your business posts – and it costs NOTHING extra! Plus every time you login to www.tradingmate.com.au your logo scrolls across the front page of the website for everyone to see – free additional advertising EVERY DAY of the week!

You can log in and add your events, offers and even your own Blog (Toolbox Talk) so you gain additional online traction for your business!

We send out a monthly newsletter that includes our member events and features a profile on one of our members as well as an offer that one of our Trading Mates has added – will yours feature next month??

Member only services 

Have you got a list of jobs you need to get sorted, but want someone you can trust, who charges a reasonable rate – or may even be willing to offer an *exchange of services? Great!! You can add this information into your profile via the Trading Platform – and alternately you can search for other registered Trading Mates who may have requested YOUR services!

What’s the kickback to Trading Mate? Nothing!! We are simply here to facilitate your ability to access information so you can economically source Trading Mates to assist you with your needs and vice versa 🙂

Do you want to be able to offer gift vouchers to non-profit organisations to not only assist their fundraising activities but to promote your business in a positive community light? Excellent – just tick the box in your Trading Platform so our registered non-profits can get in touch to make the request!

*The economic value of any exchange of business services/activities/items must be acknowledged in your business accounts to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as per your acceptance of the TM Terms & Conditions

Trading Mate started off as a value-packed online business directory but has become so much more – we have the most incredible community of actual people – who support, include, refer and, very often, buy from one another – why wouldn’t you . . .

Click here to join our incredible business community and get YOUR business connected TODAY!