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Member Benefits

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  • Single annual membership fee, includes a comprehensive profile listing on Australia’s best value NATIONAL small business directory
  • TM Welcome Pack (bring your flyers/business cards and we’ll add these in to the Packs to promote you to our new members)
  • Add your events & offers into your TM profile to be automatically shared on the Trading Mate website
  • Add your events and we share them in our monthly newsletters
  • Invitations to our monthly events where you can bring a new business friend FOC every time – with your purchased ticket
  • Opportunities to list your wish list items and find businesses who need YOUR services!
  • Option to take up a brand new individualized, INSTANT modern & professional TM website – ready to go, made just for you, only $396 all-inclusive for 2 years – with no ongoing monthly fees . . .  EVER!!

Great Value – from only $49.50 per year

If you can only advertise once a year, make your number 1 priority, it’s cheap and offers more opportunities to promote your business – in your region – than ever before. Where else could you advertise your business for less than $1 per week?

Your own website!

Haven’t got time to think about getting a website – don’t worry, we’ve done it all for you. All your uploaded business information is transposed into a three page ready-made website ready to launch your business into today’s tech savvy market. You get your 2 year domain name registration AND 2 years website hosting for an unbelievable $198! That’s right – no more ongoing monthly hosting.

Relevant for the 21st Century

We know today’s businesses need to use ALL the electronic platforms available to reach out to their clients and update them, so now they can find all your business social media links in the one place. At Trading Mate, we don’t require expensive and environmentally unfriendly print copy books because most households and businesses search for what they need on-line. The font can be enlarged on most devices – unlike those hard to read phone directories.

Quick & Easy

Got a spare 10 minutes, a couple of photos on your computer or phone and your ABN handy? Follow the prompts to enter your business profile information – and you’re on!

Priority Listings

Trading Mate businesses with 0-14 employees receive a priority listing over bigger organisations, with equal advertising space for all members – no longer do you need to be listed behind the larger business with huge advertising budgets.

Pssst – if you get your small business in first to your main trading category, you’ll always be the first listing in that trading category for the life of your Trading Mate membership!

Updated Categories for Today’s Traders

We are always looking to expand our categories to reflect new and innovative business – so if you have a niche business, let us know @ and we’ll update our website just for you!

Trading Options

Trading Mate allows you to promote your business online and receive relevant information about other businesses in your region. As a member you can view the services and goods other local businesses require to see if there could be an opportunity to trade your business activities, freeing up your time and cash for better business/home/family use.

Voucher Option

We all know a great way to promote your business is to hand out a gift voucher or 2. Sometimes being associated with clubs and non-profit organisations as a contributor can really help put your business in a positive light in your local community. One of the options in your Trading Mate sign up page is to offer vouchers – upon request and identification – to your local registered charities, clubs and non-profit associations. Of course these organisations will need a Trading Mate membership in order to search for businesses who’ve accepted this option as this information will not be available in the public search.

National Business Statistics

Almost 88%** of all registered businesses in Australia are small business with 0-4 employees. That equates to an average of approx. one micro business proprietor per every 4th household. Did you know the average annual business income (2011) for an unincorporated business was only $23 458 – that’s nearly 2 million businesses whose income doesn’t meet the average annual home mortgage repayment of $23 928 – no wonder the life expectancy of a small business is often extremely limited, and we are often forced to return to paid employment and abandon our home business/lifestyle dreams.

**Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data

Australia needs this!

We all need something and we’ve all got something to offer. A little trade can go a long way, to not only getting your business reputation out there, but giving you experience both dealing with clients and plying your trade. And if you’re just starting out, you’ll find the cost to promote your business via traditional advertising can be fairly pricey and often the benefits don’t always outweigh the cost. Flyer production and delivery can be costly, time consuming and demoralising. And depending on your budget, the traditional ad in the phone book could be placed way below the other well established competitors. Trading Mate gives both new and existing small businesses an option to be “found” much easier than ever before without massive advertising costs. It’s time to give Australian small business a REAL option for useful online marketing at the least possible cost.