Sometimes we need a lighthouse of our own . . .

Searchlight Psychology

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Sometimes we can’t get past the past without a helping hand. If it’s time to work through issues, or assist someone to reach out and move forward, we have a wonderful new Trading Mate who would love to hear from you!

Searchlight Psychology currently has three therapists providing services who draw form extensive experience and a wide range of therapeutic disciplines and practices. Principal Psychologist Stacey has experience working with people from all age groups and walks of life. Her career has involved working in both government and non-government organisations, helping people with a range of issues. Stacey has an eclectic approach and uses a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches and deals with all manner of conditions such as:

Depression and Anxiety

Self harm and suicidal thinking

Clinical disorders

Borderline Personality Disorder

Complex PTSD

Childhood trauma

Drug and Alcohol issues

Significant life transitions

Behavioural Intervention Plans

Psychological Assessment

For further info, head to or to make a booking call 07 4221 2928 and for up to date tips and ideas like and follow on Facebook @

Welcome to the business community Stacey & team – we can’t wait to learn more about your passion for business and introduce you to our warm and supportive crew!

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