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Digital Inclusions - North Queensland

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It's a big wide world out there but feels so much closer when you have access to it via a keyboard or a mouse.

But not everyone boarded the "tech" ship at the same time, so there are sectors out there with people who simply don't have the tools and understanding of where to start let alone surf the maze of the internet and the amazing ways we can now connect . . .

So if Zoom and Outlook, Google & Skype, Facebook & Instagram, Word and Power Point are words that make little sense, there is a team out there ready to assist! Nancy has you covered, Digital Inclusions North Queensland advocate and deliver programs for those who are needing a leg-up in this space, and many of the workshops are delivered at the Manunda Library, tailored to the needs of clients including: 

Digital training and workshops;

1 on 1 digital support;

Microsoft office training;

Accredited business and digital training;

Support to community digital programs with our volunteers;

as well as Hire of laptops for events, training and workshops.

To book in and get connected, head to email or call directly on 0401 838 472

Digital Inclusions have been a long term member of the team, and what a brilliant service to have on board, thank you - we look forward to catching up with you again soon and learning more about your latest services that help those of us with the ever changing tech challenges in this amazing new stratosphere!

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