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Carole Hine Business Consultancy

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Business has shifted. Doing what we always did may not be what we're always going to be able to do! 

Is it time to bring in an advisor to take a look at your plans and ideas and help you to structure your business to move through these times to spring out the other side with a new direction & perspective?

Carole has built and managed her own successful businesses over many years, has adapted, taken risks, and faced challenges the same as we all do and is now constantly engaged with industry experts and management course work to ensure that as things change, she is fully up to speed with all requirements, expectations, technical and necessary compliance capabilities to consult with you on your business planning.

When you're ready for a true and fair assessment of your current situation to determine if reinforcing your current management is sitting in a place where goals are achievable or to talk about what needs to be addressed to move forward positively, call Carole at Carole Hine Business Consultancy on 0419 679 412. You can find out more by heading to and like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks so much for all you do for our community - we love the fresh, positive and direct outlook you have when delving into our business needs and look forward to seeing your friendly face soon at our events again soon! 

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