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Hanging Around

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Are you looking for a relaxing, productive way to spend your down time? A way to make gifts that everyone will appreciate? Then checkout the amazing array of options, workshops and creations that Sharlene from Hanging Around Macrame has on offer!

"I believe that everyone needs a hobby or interest that is just for themselves, something they are passionate about but mostly something that makes them happy. Thankfully Macrame is that for me and I get to share that with others through my products and classes. This isn’t just about business it’s about happiness, maybe one day I will find a way to make the two combine and I will get to do the thing I love everyday.  In the meantime I will continue to create and share what I love with others.  Sharlene xo"

How beautiful - just like the owner of this business and the lovely products she makes and sells! To find out more, head to, call 0439 924 605 and like and follow for all the latest ideas and opportunities on Facebook @

THANK YOU Sharlene - it's so refreshing to have you and your gorgeous array of goodies available to the business community - we love to shop local, so having the option to buy handmade gifts for our nearest and dearest is fantastic!

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