Thanks for the referral Kristy!

Kristy Cumming's Mary Kay introduces FNQ Health Co. Clinical Nutritionist

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Most of our businesses rely on referrals and is certainly no different - we absolutely THRIVE on our amazing members and their recommendations to others when they invite people to share and take part in the fun and collaborations that form naturally and easily amongst our truly phenomenal crew of small business operators!

Kristy is one such member - who, as well as being a fabulous participant at our events, truly believes that serving customers is one of the great factors that sets her and the Mary Kay brand apart from every other company. And if you've ever been lucky enough to be sat on the receiving end of Kristy's gentle brush strokes, when applying her talents and products to your facial canvas, you'll know this is absolutely true! To book in head to 

And we thank Kristy for introducing Nichola of FNQ Health Co. And if you haven't heard of the terrific work Nichola does as a qualified Clinical Nutritionist - then it's high time you got in contact - especially as th New Year really is the very best time to make those resolutions and to power up with a new way of addressing those issues that seem to get left aside when it comes to taking care of ourselves from the inside out. To find out more and access all Nichola's contact details, jump across to Facebook

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