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When you are putting your property up for sale, you want to deal with someone local, experienced and who will offer realistic expectations based on the current market - because we all want this process to occur in a TIMELY and efficient manner, right?

Ultimately it's our asset - so we are looking for someone with integrity, a tenacious work ethic, an accurate marketing plan and professional selling and negotiation abilities, someone exactly like Barb Lamont!

This is what Barb will tell you:

“Many agents seem to make the process of buying or selling a property complicated and, in many cases stressful when in fact it should be a happy and exciting experience. Appraisals should always set honest and realistic prices to that properties do not join a long list of over-priced and stagnant properties.”

If you have a query that relates to selling or buying, don't hesitate to get in touch - 0411 193 030, find out more @ and jump over and follow the latest on Facebook here:

Welcome to the community of businesses, Barb, it was terrific to meet you and we are looking forward to more great connections throughout 2019 :)

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