Looking at promoting through television?

MAK Advertising

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It's not that hard - REALLY! TV is so accessible these days - and if you have the right company to liaise with the stations - you're on - literally! MAK Advertising are the team who've pulled together the terrific Trading Mate ads - they listened to what we wanted, and ensured the representation of our business was exactly what and how we wanted to promote it.

But Adam at MAK Advertising doesn't just produce TV ads - this family owned and operated business can do so much more - strategic planning, media production, all digital advertising, media buying and even website and graphic design services. Pretty much anything to get you noticed and connected in a visual sense.

Call directly on  4031 1522, checkout all the services @ http://www.makadvertising.com.au/, an dyou can like and follow the team on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/makadvertisingau/

Thank YOU - we love the way you have portayed the inclusivity of the www.tradingmate.com.au business community through our TV ads - and so pleased to have you aboard to assist all our fabulous members :)

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