Support local farmers, save money and get the best beef!


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If you want to order local, quality beef at an affordable price, while supporting sustainable farming practices, the environment and the humane and ethical farming of cattle, then checkout Bushy Creek Farm! This terrific business ticks all of these boxes and delivers direct to your door at no extra charge . . . 

From just $330 you can get approx 20kg of beef packed up in meal sized portions, ready to defrost for the freshest, tastiest and most ethical local beef money can buy - that's $16.50 per kilo, grab a friend or 3 and organise a delivery today!

To book your order, head to or if fresh eggs, lamb or pork are on the menu, call Julie on 0447 773 919 to find out more, and to keep an eye on what the Bushy Creek Farm have on offer, like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks for being part of the business community for all these years - we LOVE your beef - and the pricing is fantastic!! 

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