It's possible to love a bank...
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When was the last time you picked up the phone to speak directly with someone at your actual bank, let alone your account or branch manager? Well that's exactly the point of difference that you'll get at BOQ Earlville, these are local people with a knowledge of our region, industries and economic climate and utilise this information to correctly guide their customers on investing and borrowing for the best returns.

"For us, successful banking is all about building relationships and understanding our customer’s needs, whatever they are"

What a fresh and exciting approach to banking! The team at BOQ offer highly competitive returns on all manner of borrowing as well as investing - why wouldn't you want to put your money in a place that actually cares about what happens to you? You can talk to Simeon or any of the friendly staff at BOQ Earlville by calling 07) 4255 5333 or for more info on the latest rates, head to and you can "love" this bank on Facebook too!

Thanks guys, we at are so pleased to welcome you to our great crew of businesses and look forward to meeting you at our upcoming events :)

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