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Muscular pain and discomfort affects us all from time to time, and sometimes rest, a little physio or a great massage can be all we need to get through it and on with our activities. But from time to time there can be strange little glitches in our bodies that don't respond to the usual methods, so finding a great therapist who can identify exactly the cause of our issues and release the discomfort is the obvious next step.

Jane is a qualified and experienced Emmett Technique therapist who combines this with the more well known Bowen Therapy to really get down to the root of the problem and gently but oh-so-effectively ease our problems, sometimes in just a single session! If you have "tried everything" and are yet to give this great alternative a go, then get yourself booked in 0408 197 676 - you may be surprised at the instant & ongoing relief, to get back to doing all those things that you didn't even realise you'd been limited on!

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Thanks Jane, we at are so pleased to have you onboard for yet another year & truly know the great value of your services - we look forward to continuing to connect you in 2019 :)

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