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Are you ready to reclaim your happiness, vitality and trust in life again?

Heather at Courageous Now is all about inspiring people to clear confusion, chaos and chronic stress to feel calmer, in turn making life run more smoothly & experience more confidence and life success. Heather Passant is a Resilience Mentor, Master Integrative Life Coach and Holistic Energy Consultant.  Her mission is empowering people to heal after experiencing a pivotal life event so they can clear away the confusion, chaos and clogged energy and feel more supported, enjoy a smoother life and have more success moving forward with their different projects. She is committed to empowering people through new modalities for healing the body, mind, and soul. 

Call 0431 480 535 to book a 30 minute Complimentary Discovery Call so together you can find out what you need right now! For more information, head to and to find amazing tools and insights on all the terrific services available, like & follow on Facebook @

It’s been wonderful to have such an inspiring mentor amongst our business community this past year, we know that walking the walk, leads to true understanding of challenging situations, and Heather has certainly walked many miles to genuinely know what value she offers through her programs and workshops. We look forward to learning more about this wonderful business throughout the coming year, there will be guts and glory all the way into 2022, and we know just where to turn when the boat starts rocking!

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