"Brock was a fighter, we will continue to fight in his honour!"

The Brock Bryant Legacy INC

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The Brock Bryant legacy was founded in 2018 to honor Brock, a hero, a little legend.

Brock grew his angel wings in June 2017, 12 yrs young due to having a combination of rare diseases.

Brock fought bravely for 11 years with great fortitude, the impacts of his illnesses were challenging in many ways for his family, physically mentally, emotionally and financially.

The legacy aims to ease some of these pressures from families in similar situations by assisting with treatment related invoices, food and fuel vouchers, funeral expenses and helping to bring these children home to be laid to rest if they have been sent away for treatment and passed away in a place that is not home.

Please get in touch if you or someone you know needs assistance with:

  • Costs associated with caring for a sick child

  • Memorial gifts for grieving families

  • Resources & links that may be of assistance during the most challenging of times that a family could possibly endure

Business Sponsors

Katrina and the crew are grateful to all of the businesses that have helped along the way. If your business is in a position to help keep the dream alive, there are various sponsorship packages available.

Call directly on 0414 922 600, head to the website for more info: https://www.brockslegacy.org.au/ and of course for all the latest on how, where, when and what this amazing organisation are up to, like & follow on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/brockslegacy/

The www.tradingmate.com.au team are so looking forward to hosting Katrina and the beautiful people from this worthy organisation with the fundraising raffle cash at our next TM event on October 28 - come along to join us or simply purchase your raffle tickets online directly at https://events.humanitix.com/october-2020-trading-mate - all raffle ticket money goes directly to Brock's Legacy to support those who need it the most :)

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