Are you "prepping for school success"?

Julie Dore (Author, Speaker)

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They said it would be awesome, we would truly understand life once we had created one, and that NOTHING could ever be the same again . . . and wasn't that the biggest understatement E. V. E. R?

Children don't come with an instruction manual and no 2 are alike (probably a good thing :)) but there are resources out there that can give us a good head start and a better understanding of how to manage our precious offspring - and our very own teacher & speaker Julie, has now added "Author" to her repertoire, producing an amazingly insightful publication "Prepping for School Success".

Julie understands that all we want is the very best for our kids and has prepared this book so that we can understand what is required upon embarking on the school steps, for parents and their first-time students. It can be daunting, but with a little knowledge and preparation - the process can be managed without stress and anxiety, we all want our children to embrace each of their growth stages with our support and love - and understanding how to enable this can be such a relief for all family members. 

Like and follow this terrific and learned Trading Mate on Facebook: or give her a call on 0401 243 558 to get your copy - or even as a gift for someone about to get their children ready for the schooling journey.

Thanks for joining our community - what a wonderful resource to have available for our TM parents and carers :)

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