Looking for a super supportive Venue for YOUR event/s?
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Any of you who have attended our events recently, know of the amazingness of Madison's Function Rooms, upstairs at The Red Beret. These guys cannot do ENOUGH to make sure your event is seamless and your guests all walk away marvelling at the professionalism reflected upon your business or event - simply because Carolyn and the whole team are there to ensure everything is ready for you.

No request is too much, no change is any trouble, no additions are a problem and all with the friendliest demeanour - the old adage about serving the customer is very strongly reflected in everything this team do. Oh and yes, full catering is available, pumping air-con, a fabulous stage & dance floor, opulent, modern, classy, all the mod-cons including a fantastic 3 screen AV system - all you need to do is ask. . .

Cost? You will be so very pleasantly surprised! Really!! Flick through an email to admin@theredberet.com.au addressed to Carloyn and let her know what you need, for some great ideas head to http://www.theredberet.com.au/ and for all the latest deals give them a like and a follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/welcometotheredberet

Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us at www.tradingmate.com.au - at EVERY event you make us and our guests welcome - and we love that you even remember some of our attendees drink orders, this is truly the kind of friendly familiarity that our Trading Mates appreciate :) See you all again in 2019!

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