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Images are what capture an audience. Well presented, professional photos & videos designed to make people stop scrolling and checkout your content because they want to "see" more of who you are & what you do . . . 

Colin Pett of MOD Films & Photography, is a visual storyteller & hybrid shooter. By shooting both Video & Photos for an event, he captures the moments that matters. Piecing the puzzle together, creating content which connects and engages people with places or products. From having an eye in the sky with one of his drones, to being on the spot to get the shot, Colin provides a complete content marketing service for his corporate, tourism, music, leisure and marine clients.

If you're looking to work with a visionary to increase engagement, reach, content and ultimately sales and profitability, have a chat with Colin on 0427 381 782, for more information head to and to checkout Mod Films & photos truly amazing & inspiring work, like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks for being such a valuable contributor to the business community for all these years, it's always great to see your friendly face rocking up to our events. We love the positive energy & enthusiasm you have for your clients, and the amazing content you have provided speaks for itself - over & over!

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