Professional, prepared, local family owned painting business!
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Whether it's a front door or a high rise building, a clean, crisp paint job can make a huge difference in value or sales pricing. And if you've ever gone down the route of DIY house painting - you absolutely know that repairing your own "art work" sometimes takes longer than the job itself!

So save yourself time, nip the nag, and make the call . . . Get hold of a professional, local painting service - McLeod's Painting - Shane, Soma and the terrific team understand our climate and lifestyle and can work with you to make sure the finished product is exactly as you'd pictured!

You can reach Shane on 0414 653 718, and to find out more, head to and to see more of what the team is up to jump over and give these guys a like and a follow on Facebook:

Thanks so much for continuing to provide your highly regarded services to the community - we look forward to catching up and connecting with you guys again soon :)


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