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Trinity Printers

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A question we get asked all the time "is there a local print manufacturer so we can support businesses in our own region AND get our gear in the next day or so?"

And the answer is a triumphant YES!!!

Trinity Printers is a locally owned (based in Cairns) and operated company specialising in commercial and colour printing. Established in 1968, these guys have extensive knowledge of the print industry and supply high quality printed products to businesses, governments and individuals throughout Queensland and Papua New Guinea.

You'd be surprised how quick the turnaround is when you "go local" and the pricing is always highly comparative - if not more affordable - than using the big online platforms - you know who we mean!!

And the added advantage is you can always pick up the phone and chat with a friendly member of the Trinity Printers crew to assist with queries or challenges in producing the artwork - Steve, Andrew and the team are always so easy to deal with and more than happy to offer advice & assistance on all things print, embroidery and signage.

To find out more head to https://www.cardzilla.com.au/, email your order through to info@cardzilla.com.au or call directly on 07 4031 5739

Thanks so much for all your wonderful work - the www.tradingmate.com.au business community are so appreciative of all that you do for us and we look forward to a sensational new year of connections and referrals!

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