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Our Transformation Tribe

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Health and wellness for the mind and body is the foundational pillar to living a magnificent life. Without our health we have NOTHING. Jaimelle is committed to helping you be the best you can be with nutritional products, exercise and LOTS of laughter.

Jaimelle is a powerhouse of positivity and her business, Our Transformation Tribe, is all about finding wellness inside and out to achieve a life you really love - and this lady really does walk the walk! Her own transformation is true testament to an understanding of the way her clients think and feel. When you're ready, she's ready - no judgement, only assistance to get over the hump and clear those blocks to better health and happiness.

If it's time to make move and take that first step - call today 0412 650 732, to find out more about the fabulous options available from our very own Wellness Solutions Queen head to and of course all the latest updates and info can be found by following on Facebook @

Sometimes it takes just one person, sometimes it take a tribe - the community get this and we are thrilled to be in yours and have you in ours for another fabulous year of connections & fun!

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