How does a FREE apprentice employee sound?


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You heard right - if you've been thinking about engaging an apprentice, there's a fantastic new opportunity coming up that means your apprentice's wage is FULLY SUBSIDISED by the Queensland Government for the first 14 weeks!!

Skill360 is looking for host businesses to support a young person to start their apprenticeship in a construction trade:
- builders, plumbers, roofers, painters - all construction trades welcome.
While undertaking a 14-week course, your intern will be paid an apprentice wage which is paid by Skill360 - there is no cost to your business. Importantly, they will gain practical on-site learning in your construction business.

This represents a great opportunity to trial a young apprentice at no cost to you - there is no obligation to hire after the 14-week trial.

WHEN - Course commences 31 January, 2022.

To find out more contact Anne & the team at Skill360 on 1300 933 358, head to the website: and for all the latest updates & opportunities. like & follow on Facebook @

We are so excited to welcome the Skill360 team to the business community - and we look forward to finding out more at our first event in January, where Anne will explain all the ins & outs of taking on fully supported trainees to assist our businesses to grow and succeed!

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