Easing the pressure of families supporting children with rare diseases

The Brock Bryant Legacy INC

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Let's help support this awesome new Trading Mate with their aim to assist others with similar difficult circumstances, read below for the Mission Statement:

"The Brock Bryant legacy was founded in 2018 to honour Brock, a hero, a little legend.

Brock grew his angel wings in June 2017, 12 yrs young due to having a combination of rare diseases.

Brock fought bravely for 11 years with great fortitude, the impacts of his illnesses were challenging in many ways for his family, physically mentally, emotionally and financially.

The legacy aims to ease some of these pressures from families in similar situations by assisting with treatment related invoices, food and fuel vouchers, funeral expenses and helping to bring these children home to be laid to rest if they have been sent away for treatment and passed away in a place that is not home.

We aim to support families of children with rare diseases, provide bereavement support with gestures such as hand and foot castings and bereavement boxes for families whose children have grown their angel wings.

We will empower families to assist their children to live life to full, pursue quality of life and support their sick children as best as they can, allowing them to live to their optimal level of wellness and not be bound by illness.

The Brock Bryant Legacy Inc. pursues quality of life and supports quality of life for children and their families living with rare diseases."

How can YOU help or where can you FIND assistance? Head to https://www.brockslegacy.org.au/, like and follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brockslegacy/ or give Katrina a call on0414 922 600

Welcome to the amazingly supportive www.tradingmate.com.au tribe, what fantastic work you do, looking forward to learning more about how we can help you help others :)

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