Assistance for businesses with hiring team members?
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It's a big step to take on employees, contractors and even VAs, so what are the best ways to tackle the paperwork and procedures required to protect your business, assets and your new employees?

Make sure you contact a reputable organisation that can offer all the support and documentation that is specific to your industry, organisation and business structure  - the days of the "gentleman's handshake" are fast coming to an end and we all should be fully informed on the outcomes should something unexpected or untoward occur.

Tammy at Employsure can assist with anything and everything required for the hiring process, ongoing changes and even if there are issues that need to be resolved in a timely and financially positive manner. Give her a call on 0439 277 538, & for more info go to the website and there are always terrific updates available on Facebook too:

Thanks again for bringing this terrific service to our members - so important to get the right support when taking such a huge leap for our businesses :)

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