Supporting clients to live an independent life

House of Independence

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If you or a family member needs a little help to live independently at home, then you'd be wanting support from an organisation whose values are totally aligned with that of their clients needs.

House of Independence is one such support service, and if anyone knows Carole, then they know that caring and kindness is an inbuilt part of her soul. With this amazing lady at the helm, there is an absolute guarantee that every single client will receive every ounce of available support tailored specifically to each individual's needs and situation.

Here's a little from Carole and the team:

"House of Independence was established after identifying a need within our community and we are proud to offer a superior professional service with qualified and skilled staff. We aspire to this approach by adopting the ideals of ‘locals looking after locals’, ‘families looking after families’ and our house to your house. The focus is to assist people with disabilities, mental illness, along with our aged folk in need of support to live independently, and with choices, whilst maintaining their dignity."

Tp find out more, email, head to and for all the latest, like & follow on Facebook @ or call 0419 679 412

What a sensational business to have available to our business community - congratulations Carole, we are so excited to watch your new venture grow - you could not have chosen a more perfect path, helping, guiding, supporting & assisting people is exactly what you do best!

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