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How would it be if you could collect your receipts in the good ol' shoebox and simply hand it over to the bookkeeper? And what if said bookkeeper came to you to collect them? Really - how easy would that be? We are all told we need to "understand" how our business is doing so we are expected to manage this side of things AS WELL as we run our operations, but sometimes something just HAS to give . . . so getting a bookkeeper to produce your accounts and then report back to you on how well (or not) your bottom line is looking - and provide guidance on cost cutting and profit maximising measures, would be such a relief to oh-so-many of us, right?

Ian is just this man, and with the experience he has in overseeing so many accounts for small businesses, he's well aware of the warning signs, probably before the business owners have noticed them! Shoebox Books Cairns are all about making this challenging part of managing our accounting affairs so much more simplified - and will absolutely ensure that what you send to the accountant for end of year, is a clean and clear set of books that will actually cost you less in preparation  - both mentally and financially - win WIN!

To get a great idea of all the valuable inclusions, head to, for a good insight into how Ian operates and for some awesome tips and tools, like and follow on Facebook @ and to chat about exactly what YOUR BUSINESS needs, give him a call directly on 0419 027 311.

Thanks for all that you've done for the team of businesses, we love your presentations and all the simple but effective tools that you suggest - what a valuable service you offer :)

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