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Searchlight Psychology

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Life doesn't always go to plan.

Sometimes it's just a matter of chatting to the right person to re-direct us, and other times a series of chats, with a qualified, caring & professional practitioner who actually understands the intricacies of our very complex minds, is exactly what the doctor will order.

Asking for help is the biggest hurdle, and once you're in the safe hands (well the cosy office at least) of Stacey & the beautiful people at Searchlight Psychology, it will feel like being wrapped in a warm, fluffy blanket where obstacles & challenges can be dealt with and left in the past as part of the very necessary process, heading toward a wiser and more balanced future.

Call and book in 07 4221 2928, to get a feel for what this wonderful business has to offer, head across to and like & follow on Facebook @

It's been a pleasure to connect Stacey and the team with our business community this past year - and with the trials & tribulations of a post Covid world, it's great to know we have a soft place to fall whenever necessary :)

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