November's sensational photographer!

Pretty in Pictures

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Pretty in Pictures is a wonderful locally owned & operated photography business - with services including phenomenal family portraits, cutting-edge corporate profiling, fancy functions & effusive events and rocking real estate imagery!

And Meaghan knows EXACTLY how to capture the fun and connections at our Trading Mate Trade Table events - so she's coming along this Wednesday to do it for us all again!

If you've never been to a TM function before - you really are in for a treat this month, because our Secret Santa Trade Table networking event is all about promoting YOUR businesses with a minute on the mic to sell your goodies & vouchers for our festive season gift buying.

Tickets are hot - and the Trade Tables are almost all gone - don't miss out - book today:

Not only will you walk away with Christmas sorted, but you'll get to take a few happy snaps of your own in the Green & Glamour Photobooth, sponsored by Simon of Seeq Media fame!!

Oh and if you really want to participate in the fun, bring a gift valued at $40 for the Secret Santa draw - it's going to be a big night - buckle in - this coming Wednesday 24th November, 5pm upstairs at The Red Beret.