Growing Business Relations - July 28

Join the TMs to grow your business!

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It's not always easy to put yourself "out there" as the representative of your business, in fact we understand it can be pretty damn scary at times. 

But if there was ever a networking group that offers the comfy feeling of inclusivity and support - it's the Trading Mate business community!

No-one is left standing alone when they walk in the room - and that's because we are all super-excited to meet new business operators to connect with!

Join us for this fantastic event: and get some great tips & tools on growing your business connections, Krista Watkins from Cairns Business Women's Club, David Burston from Confidence Unlimited, Steve Briffa from Master Blaster Plessure Clean, Lesley Van Staveren and Tina O'Hagan from Tina O'Hagan Business Consultancy

MC'd by Mr Billy Gane, photographed by Sam Macqueen, and supporting Som Tamang and the Friends of the Himalayan Children with ALL our raffle cash!