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Committee For Waste Reduction

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Research suggests many of the most common recyclables making their way to landfill are an untapped market, potentially worth millions of dollars to regional communities.

How good would it be to support an organisation that was making a difference to find solutions to the problems created by the massive amount of waste we all contribute towards in our homes, through our lifestyle choices & within our businesses?

"CFWR was created to educate and improve current personal and business thought processes, in respect to the environmental impact that they or their business creates."

The Committee for Waste Reduction has implemented the Waste Wise Business program to help us reduce costs in our businesses whilst helping the planet at the same time!

From simple steps like replacing fluorescent lights with LED's to a full performance evaluation of your business with Key Performance Indicators, the CFWR have the tools, support, and resources to assist you.

Email Lesley & the team for more info here:, to support this terrific organisation & become a Waste Wise Business today, head to and for more ideas, inspo, tips & tools like & follow on Facebook @

Thanks so much for being such great collaborators with the business community – we are so pleased to support this fabulous organisation with the great work they do to assist, inform and look for innovative ways to reduce the problem of waste locally, regionally and even nationally!

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