Gentle muscle release therapies suitable for infants right through to the elderly

Robyn's Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique

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If you're looking for a holistic approach to pain relief, increasing mobility or treating tension, restrictions & discomfort - consider using a therapy such as Bowen or Emmett technique.

Robyn provides both services using soft tissue muscle release therapies for ensuring the best outcomes, often producing instant relief for clients with either new or ongoing issues. It takes just 30-50 minutes out of your day to relax into the session and find out why Robyn's Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique has assisted so many clients to eliminate or severely reduce pain and feel amazingly refreshed & mobile at the end of their appointments!

For more information on the range of services and the types of issues that get the best results, head to for all the updates, like & follow on Facebook @ or simply call or text to book your next appointment on 0431 303 453

Did you know Robyn has been part of the community since 2015? What a sensational contributor to the TM team of businesses - we have heard (& experienced) first-hand how this fabulous local lady has assisted so many of our members to unlock their pain and move out of their session feeling absolutely incredible - and all due to a series of well placed squeezes, tweaks and shifts in movement from a trained professional!

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