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On Demand 24/7

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"Our world has become a society about transactions, rather than good old - fashioned service. People want an authentic experience, where they can have accessibility to the service provider if they wish and that services are completed within required timeframes."

What a great summation of the way things have changed over time!

Thank goodness for the amazing Michelle and her team at On Demand 24/7 - who are all about providing easy-to-book, hassle free services, where the client has an exceptional customer experience "on demand".

This team is committed to easing your stress, making your day and putting a smile back on your dial, by giving you access to a supply chain of providers who can assist with all kinds of requirements, from property cleaning to car servicing and even for business requirements such as graphic design & website services!

And they are always looking for terrific new providers to add to the crew, to find out more head to call directly on 0427 697 770 and like and follow on Facebook for all the latest updates:

Our busy business members have found this to be an invaluable service over the past year - thanks for bringing your amazing platform to our TM community Michelle, we look forward to another terrific year of connections and referrals with your business!


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