Knots and Niggles

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Knots & Niggles Massage is oh so passionate about people and their bodies, using massage and movement as a tool to relieve muscular stress, easing and unwinding those annoying knots and niggles which can cause discomfort, limited movement and pain that is sometimes the source of those annoying headaches and even migraines.

Our own wonderful Trading Mate Lizzie has a personal ambition to use massage as a medium to provide healing and holistic care for the body. Offering her valued customers greater freedom of movement, reduction of pain and optimum outcomes for each of their unique situations.

Contact Lizzie directly on 0466 277 581, book online at or via Facebook:

Thank you for being such a fabulous member of the team for all these years, we look forward to unwinding our knots and niggles with you in the year ahead :)

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