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EORTH® is an old English word for Earth. EORTH® (pronounced ee-orth) is taking you back to that time, with plastic free products and plastic free packaging. Theseguys are going back to a time before single use plastic — with a modern twist.

More plastic has been produced in the last 10 years than was produced in the whole of the last century, and less than 5% of plastics are recycled worldwide. Clean Up Australia Day notes that over the past 20 years, plastic continues to be the most common item of rubbish picked up during clean up.

Plastic pollution is a global problem, with the biggest offender being single use plastic items. EORTH — was founded with a primary goal — to combat this problem.

Find out more! Head to or call Cathy directly on 0437 530 795 and of course you can find out all the latest tips, offers & ideas on Facebook @

Thanks for offering these exceptional alternatives to the community for the past 5+ years Cathy, we love your products (seriously you've never held a better peg in your LIFE!!) and look forward to finding out more about your great products as we hit 2021!

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