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Bec’s story

Rebecca comes from a whole family of builders, joining her dad at a young age on his business’ residential building sites in her steel cap boots, and seeing the whole transformational process occur!

Not long after finishing high school, Rebecca secured a position drafting survey plans for a local business before moving onto drafting houses elsewhere. Next she found herself in the more traditional receptionist role with a commercial construction company, and this essentially, was the start of her very rapid exposure into the world of construction where she finished up as a Project Engineer having completed three commercial construction projects and three Certificate IV’s in her related field.

Rebecca won a ‘Supporting Women Scholarship’ from the Queensland Government in 2013 which helped fund her Associate Degree in Construction (Major Management), which she completed while operating dump trucks in central Queensland. This amazing lady who constantly challenges herself and stereotypical ideals, is passionate about encouraging girls and women into the building and construction industry and has personally experienced some of the great and varied opportunities available for women in construction roles, and as such is now an active member of “Women in Construction Far North Queensland” creating events that enable education, mentoring and networking for current and future women in the industry.

Bestruct offers construction, project management and contract administration - get in touch on 0400 392 453, head across to https://www.bestruct.com.au/ and like and follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bestruct/

Thanks for being a valued member of the www.tradingmate.com.au business community - we are so pleased to have you on board this past year, and now into 2020 and we are proud to support Women In Construction also :)

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