Imagine this in your own backyard!
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There really is nothing that compares to a fresh wood fired pizza - straight out of the oven! How hard would it be to get one installed at your place? Not that hard at all!!

Patrick & Adele build, service and distribute Inferno Woodfired Ovens throughout far north Queensland and have got the process down to a fine art - & they have all the know-how to get you started as well. Pizzas - YUM - but what about roast meats and fish, bread, whole roasted pig and pastries. . .oh yeah, now we're talking!

What are you waiting for, to learn more give them a call on 0409 921 767 a like on Facebook: or head to

W> O> W> our own pizza oven, can't wait to introduce you to the guys - what a fantastic business to have in our ranks :)


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