Is it time to unwind before the silly season starts?
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Self care is self respect and at this time of the year as we finalise and plan for the coming 12 months - things can get a little stressful, so taking the time to look after your body is paramount - and integral!

Lizzie at Knots and Niggles can find your tight spots, and work her magic to ensure relief, ease of tension, renewed movement and it really is a terrific method to ensure your body and mind JUST STOPS for a short time to reset and rejuvenate ready for the upcoming chaos and busyness that the end of the year will inevitably bring upon us!

Book your next appointment online directly @ or checkout the latest on Facebook: or simply call 0466 277 581 to schedule a time that suits.

Thanks so much Lizzie, the relief you provide to us at is immense - we are so pleased to continue to have your amazingly talented hands available for us - especially as we wind down for the year :)

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