Greenhill Emmett Technique

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Do you suffer from aches & pains, cramps, breathing difficulties, limited movement, fluid retention, muscle discomfort, heel & foot pain or headaches & dizziness?

Then make an appointment with Jane at Greenhill Emmett Technique!

Emmett Technique is perfect for all the family. Gentle muscle releases benefits everyone from babies to the elderly. Combined with Bowen Therapy this treatment promotes relaxation, body balance and well-being and can be administered standing, sitting and lying, fully clothed and without the use of oils.

Be quick if you want to get seen before the silly season kicks into full swing as bookings are filling fast - head to for more information, like & follow on Facebook @ or call Jane on 0408 297 676

Thanks for being such a valued member of the business community for all these years - everyone needs a little tender treatment from time to time - and we are so grateful for your amazing therapies!

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