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There's so much to consider when it comes to planning for retirement - but it really is one of the most important things to prepare for. Is there a directory that has all the experts in one place - who can head you in the right direction and assess your circumstances now and in relation to what we need to think about ongoing?

Yes! The SMSF Community has been created for just this reason, with loads of experts on Superannuation and Retirement Planning - who really are there to offer the right advice for the type of retirement you want!

Get in touch with Kevin and Ginger to find out more about your future needs or even to add your business expertise to this great platform by calling 0432 966 414, heading to the website and liking this community on Facebook @

It's been wonderful to have connected the SMSF Community with the team of businesses all those years ago - we love what you have to offer and look forward to another terrific year of connections :)

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