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Astute Finance, Insurance and Wealth

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When the best price, best terms, lowest fees, and all all the red tape and hidden fees need to be explained - talk to a team that has YOUR best interests at heart - Astute Finance, Insurance & Wealth Smithfield.

Billie has an extensive history in banking and finance so there is no term, fee or or other costly surprises hidden in heavy jargon and documentation that this chikadee isn't ready to uncover or negotiate on behalf of her valued clients - in 15 years there's not much that'll get past this great team, customer service excellence is always the highest of priorities!

Back in 2015 Billie jumped on board the train and we are so thrilled to have this great service available to our team. f you need to have a chat about a new loan or reshaping your existing finance call today - 07 4057 4100, call into the office at Campus Shopping Village Smithfield, like and follow on Facebook @ and get familiar with the lovely ladies and all that they do by heading to the website:

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