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Arbonne International

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There are some people who just radiate positive energy and kindness, who make you feel fabulous just by being in their presence and who have only goodness in their hearts . . . and one such beauty is the lovely Genie Craze.

And it's no secret Genie is an avid Arbonne Girl - so it makes sense that the all round healthy glow is attributable to the way this soul walks the walk, so much so, she doesn't even need to talk the talk - whatever she's on - we could all do with some!

If you're looking to realign, rejuvenate and refresh in 2020, why noy consider finding out more about the Arbonne range - superior, botanically based products that are good for your body inside & out. Call Genie on 0418 989 116 browse online @ and like and follow the "Arbonne Craze" on Facebook:

Thanks for being such a wonderful member of the community for all these years - we love to bask in your ray of sunshine each and every time we catch up at the TM events :)

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