Reiki, Theta Healing & Hypnosis
News Photo Anna Stubbs - Souls in Harmony Therapies

Have you thought about learning how to release old patterns and create a healthy balance in all areas of your life? Have you considered using crystals and colour as powerful healing tools to boost your natural healing abilities?

Anna is a gentle yet extremely learned and knowledgeable practitioner / teacher who is there to assist you to unlock a greater potential through the proven alternative therapies of Reiki, Theta Healing and Hypnosis. Souls in Harmony offer workshops, events and one on one sessions for assisting clients to reach through and increase awareness in all areas of life for greater peace, success and stability by enabling an amazing understanding & ability to release those ingrained stumbling blocks that may have been preventing us from breaking through barriers we weren't even aware existed!

Contact Anna on 0438 169 115 and for the latest updates on these amazing alternative therapies, follow Souls in Harmony on Facebook:

Anna, thank you for your wonderful contributions and support of the business operators for more than 3 years, we value your sharp intuition and look forward to more connections through the coming years :)

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