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What is effective communication?

Ask yourself these questions:

♦ Are your messages succinct, and free of grammatical and spelling errors?

♦ Have you correctly answered the questions in that tender proposal document?

♦ Does your potential client, collaborator, funder, or your boss truly understand the messages you are trying to convey?

♦ Have you satisfied your audience’s expectations? 

Richard Musgrove is an experienced academic editor, promotional writer, research & project manager and tender writer - using plain English – Musgrove Communications deliver clear, straightforward, jargon-free, understandable content for your applications, projects and promotions. 

To find out more, head to, like & follow on Facebook @ and to get in touch, contact Richard directly on 0473 465 758.

Thanks for bringing such a phenomenal skill set to the business community - we look forward to catching up and hearing more of your terrific client success testimonials soon!

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