Cleaning done & dusted!
News Photo ENJO Jo-anne Campbell

We all love the results once the cleaning is done, but the words "let's get all the chemicals, sprays, bottles, creams and equipment out and get this show on the road" sends chills down most people's spines. And "I'm excited to clean" - said no one ever . . . EXCEPT those of us already converted to the chemical free ways of Enjo!

Truly, cleaning can be an absolute breeze, chemical free - using only water and fibres, you heard right - it's the fibres that scoop up the bacteria, germs & nasties, you no longer need to rely on stinky, harmful, environmentally unfriendly products (not to mention all those additional CONTAINERS) - just a splash of water and you're done!

If you want to find out how quick & easy it is to get your home clean - give Jo-anne from Enjo a call on 0438 343 120, head over to her Facebook page: and hit the like button to learn more on all the latest updates and opportunities and if you're still looking for more info, it's all here @

Welcome to the team of businesses - we look forward to connecting with you and finding more about these amazing products available to get us all cleaning chemical free :)

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